Why I joined LimeLight by Alcone


At the beginning of March 2017, I received my new business kit full of some of LimeLight’s best selling products. In the video above I share my excitement for this new chapter in my career.

As a professional network marketer, I’ve heard the word “ground floor” thrown around a lot. I’ve been in the industry off / on since the year 2001 and there’s always a new biz opportunity showing up on my desk.

So after seeing so many companies come and go, why did I choose #LimeLightByAlcone? First because I’m passionate about makeup and these products are LEGIT. Also, because it’s truly ground floor… This company is so new that NO ONE has reached the very top rank yet

Which means it’s the absolute best time to join and build a sales organization. Not to mention, our CEO pays out over a MILLION in commissions each month. And we’re only 2 years old. I couldn’t let this pass me by.


Here are the top 20 reasons why I joined LimeLight:

  1. Affordable pro quality, easy to use makeup.
  2. Chemical-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free skincare.
  3. A truly ground floor opportunity, no one has reached the top rank in the company yet.
  4. Our CEO pays out over $1 MILLION in commissions each month and we’re only 2 years old.
  5. Transparent CEO and company that listens to the field
  6. Weekly company trainings and life coaching calls.
  7. Unmatched support and guidance.
  8. No auto shipments or monthly requirements.
  9. Annual vacation month.
  10. Mentor bonus for helping your team succeed.
  11. Tiered fast start program (up to $800 in products, cash and marketing materials)
  12. Fast start match on those you enroll.
  13. Be rewarded for building leaders, not penalized.
  14. Mid-level lifestyle/car bonus.
  15. 20-35% commissions on all sales.
  16. 15% off at our parent company, Alcone.
  17. Earn hostess rewards as a Beauty Guide.
  18. Anyone can make up to six figures with this company if they’re focused on being a leader. (which I am)
  19. I’m becoming a more positive, happy person. (because personal development is key to success)
  20. I’m developing amazing new friendships with my colleagues. (the best part)


I’ve found the company I’m going to build my legacy with and I’m excited to welcome 50 women from all over the USA to join me on this journey. Will you be a part of #TeamFlawless50?

If you’re the least bit curious, we should talk…


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